Ace Trainers United

A Pokemon Group for All Trainers!

Upcoming Pokémon Events
The following are pokemon events that are expected within the next few months.

Celebi: February 21 - March 6 (Lasts 2 weeks)

Black and White Versions Released (Europe): March 4

European Victini Event: March 4 - April 22 via Nintendo WiFi (over a month long)

Black and White Versions Released (US): March 6

US Victini Event: March 6 - April 10 via Nintendo WiFi (Just over a month long)

Ace Trainer League
Those of us at the PSO-World branch of Ace Trainers United are plotting out the Ace Trainer League. We will have 8 gyms, 8 badges, and a lot of pokemon battles. I will post more once we have more to post.

So far, we have 3 gym leaders lined up. Hopefully we will get 5 more.

A New Team has been Decided!
Torterra: Jolly - Overgrow - Yache Berry - Earthquake - Razor Leaf - Superpower - Swords Dance

Machoke: Adamant - No Guard - Muscle Band - Dynamic Punch - Payback - Fire Punch - ThunderPunch

Lapras: Modest - Water Absorb - Wise Glasses - Ice Beam - Surf - Psychic - Thunderbolt

Charizard: Modest - Blaze - Passho Berry - Flamethrower - Fly - ThunderPunch - Sunny Day

Gardevoir: Calm - Synchronize - Leftovers - Psychic - Focus Blast - Signal Beam - Toxic

Aggron: Impish - Rock Head - Shuca Berry - Double-Edge - Water Pulse - Magnet Rise - Iron Tail

Welcome All Pokemon Trainers!
Okay, so I have just been experimenting with LiveJournal and decided to try and make a group. Not sure if I did it right or not, but eh, we'll see.

Anywho, welcome all pokemon trainers! This is the LiveJournal front of Ace Trainers United, a group of pokemon trainers from all over the internet!
We have social groups on and PSO-World, as well as our own forums. We welcome all trainers, so long as they are respectful. Feel free to join any or all of our fronts for ATU.
See y'all on the battlefield!


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